Jasmine Waltz sex tape

jasmine waltz sex tape

We can't believe it!  Jasmine Waltz is the latest Hollywood celebrity with a sex tape.  Apparently the sex tape was an old Valentine's day gift for her boyfriend, but now it's being distributed and it looks pretty darn explicit!  Jasmine has been tied to stars such as Ryan Seacrest and is well known for being the rebound girl for David Arquette.   The Megan Fox look alike probably has some seriously skills in the sack - it sure looks like she can suck with the best of them.  We checked out the sex tape, she must be pissed this thing just hit the internet!!

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Jasmine Waltz Millions of Milkshakes

Famous Hollywood whore Jasmine Waltz appeared at Millions of Milkshakes the other day to promote her new milkshake- really? When asked what she was promoting, she said 'my milkshake!'- that's it? For someone who begs and pleads to be left out of the spotlight she sure is doing the opposite by whoring herself out to the media at the hot spot known to be swarming with paps. She even put on a little show by eating a banana, in a dirty dirty way. Read more

Jasmine Waltz Drug Arrest

Jasmine Waltz has some secrets... but it looks like they aren't secrets anymore! Turns out Waltz was arrested in Florida back in 2000 for posession of marajuana! Not like it's the biggest deal in the world, but definitely another thing that will cause people to shake a finger at the blue eyed beauty as she fights for privacy after being shoved into the spotlight for sleeping with David Arquette. ps look at that horrible mug shot, we have seen lots of celebrity mug shots but this is de... Read more

Jasmine Waltz- Hottest 'Other' Woman?

It seems like Hollywood's newest trend is cheating... and the women behind the scandals. Nobody can top Tiger Woods in this department, considering he had around 1000 mistresses, but TMZ reports that their readers would rather do the dirty with Jasmine Waltz over Wood's #1 mistress Rachel Uchitel 85% vs. 15%! Uchitel did also lay in bed and did freaky things with Bones star David Boreanaz, but let's not forget that Waltz has also been with men like Ryan Seacrest, Doug Reindha... Read more

Jasmine Waltz Topless

Jasmine Waltz sounds like she's a pro at dating rich guys, but it doesn't seem like the aspiring actress is any good at acting. We can tell by the topless screen shots of her from the 2009 movie 'Poker Run' (No, we've never heard of it either) that it couldn't have been a very serious role, especially considering the movie didn't do very well. One thing she does have going for her is her hot body, and these nude screen shots can back that up. Maybe she should ... Read more

Jasmine Waltz vs. Courtney Cox Arquette

Jasmine Waltz is the woman that most people see as a thorn in the marriage between Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette. The blue eyed beauty (who closely resembles Courtney Cox) is the now known as the 'one conquest', the chosen lady that David Arquette chose to have sex with (once, maybe twice in his words) while he was still married to the Friends star. Before this everyone thought Jasmine Waltz was a nobody, but turns out she's actually been floating from bed to bed o... Read more